Wednesday, 5 August 2015

It sure has been a while! The past couple of months have been the combination of completing my Second Year at university (thankfully, on a great note!) and gradually finding my feet with all things related to family and friends. None of it has been easy which is why I had put my blog on a break for the time being, but it's forever a platform I love returning to. A lot has happened I'd say since - I've came across such wonderful people, I had the opportunity to visit and stay at places I'd never imagine, I'm (weirdly) looking forward to my final year of my degree - and I'd say I've grown a lot more as a person especially. With how crazy life can be at times, I've learnt to live 'more' in the moment - worrying about the past or what will be  isn't in the slightest making progress. Sometimes it's all about just keeping your head high and remembering that there's just so many things I'm happy for, even when things feel like they are falling apart. Either way, there's always a lot to look forward to and we can only hope things fall into place! 

That aside, I was pretty dazed by how colourful these pictures have turned out! Summer has definitely had its moment and I'm hoping to make the most of these warm days and blue skies. I spent the day, visiting local attractions which I haven't seen in years, and popping by a popular tea place for the first time. How has your Summer been so far?

Dress - Chicwish / Watch - Daniel Wellington 


  1. yay so glad to see a new blog post! Keep it up before summer's over ;)
    I really do love these photos too!


  2. Your dress is gorgeous!


  3. What a gorgeous place to take photos, you look beautiful - I love that dress!

    lillies and lipbalm


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