Friday, 2 January 2015

How exciting, this is the first post of the year 2015! Whilst I have a couple more things I'd like to share here (and just before I can grasp it's the end to a beautiful time), I wanted to share my journey just a few days before Christmas where I went to good ole' London with my friend, Francesca. It's within the past year or so, that I've been travelling up and down England but the one thing that stays true to my heart and is always something I look forward to, is visiting Covent Garden during the festive wintery season. From the incredibly huge baubles to the incredibly beautiful tree, all parked by the lovely Laduree which we couldn't resist, I demand that visiting this place at this time becomes an annual tradition of mine! 
As mentioned, we helped ourselves to sandwiches at Laduree which I hadn't visited in forever, and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was next on our list to cross off. For those who haven't been or have the faintest idea of what it is, Winter Wonderland can be spilt into two; on one side, markets and stalls full of quirky, unique and beautiful pieces and on the other, all sorts of rides you'd find at a Funfair - but a whole lot cooler. And knowing me, of course, I couldn't help but buy a cute dainty dragonfly necklace...in the first 5 minutes of being there! Along the way, we saw so many beautiful décor - I had to seriously cut down on the number of pictures in this post! - and I also managed to finish off my Christmas shopping along Oxford Street.
This has been the first time visiting London as a Second Year student so I'm compelled to plan even more exciting trips there this year (and by all means, if you have any suggestions, let me know!). Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Photo number two: it's me!
    Such a fun day; I can't wait for the next trip :D


  2. looks like a lovely time! i've never been to London before but I would love to go there one day :)


  3. Sounds like a really great trip! I must get down to the smoke more often myself. Loved the outfit too, so cute! x

    Sarah | www.nouvellenoire.co.uk


  4. Love this post!
    Great outfit!!




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