Sunday, 12 October 2014

Since embarking upon my second year at University, I've been AWOL from my blog and actually, from a lot of things for that matter. University has certainly a hectic turnaround where I've been on my toes almost everyday but at the same time, it's been incredible  and I'm still here managing! Working closer towards something you truly believe in, encountering all sorts of opportunities and being with the right people - that more or less sums up the past couple of weeks. I've taken a spontaneous trip to Nottingham the other day, I've reunited with my university friends whilst made new ones and I've thrown myself into different situations where I'm only finding myself facing a whole new perspective! If anything, it's all just been about taking it one step at a time, no matter how overwhelming it can get.
There have been however just a few things I've been out of touch with and on that note, I made sure I spent an entire day to myself this weekend. Recently, I haven't particularly made such effort to 'feeling good' most mornings, nor have I been paying much attention to my 'diet'. Likewise I've noticed the absence of new instagram pictures - the horror! - and somewhat, just haven't really 'felt' like myself in that it's all been a blur really. That aside, I had spent the day going for a walk, spending it with my family and not fussing with negativity - all of which are just a couple little things that can really put you back in the right state of mind!
That too, I haven't even mentioned my big love for the autumnal transition either that we're having!I'm quite simply sippin' seasonal hot chocolates, prancing around in my loyal boots and also loving - dare I say it - the build-up to the merriest season of all time!  

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  1. Dude what do you mean 'dare i say it'? There is no shame in feeling Christmassy!!

    Aww I hope you feel more youself soon. You're so busy at the moment but all because of productive, amazing reasons so you should be feeling yourself. Aka wonderful.



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