Sweet Spring

Monday, 21 April 2014

Such lovely weather can be such a huge distraction during this rather intense exam period but even so, I couldn't help but resist wearing some Springlike vibes! I also didn't realise how versatile a simple black skater skirt can be, pairing it with one of the many blouses I wore during Sixth Form. And coincidentally, I absolutely love how fitting the blouse is, with the dainty daffodils which marks a start of a new season. 

On another note, I've been tackling this vicious cycle of exam prep but soon enough, it'll be over before I know it. Hope you all will be able to bear with this a little longer and hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!


Dress - Next / Skirt - Primark / Boots - Internationale

Everything Has Changed

Friday, 11 April 2014

These pictures turned out a lot better than I had anticipated and I owe that all to my very talented little sister! We took these on a day where it was the very first of the warmer days in England which clearly called for ice-cream, duh. Whilst it's a very British thing to talk about, there's something about the warmer days that gets me so excited. Wearing this cardigan once again really reminded of last summer when I practically 'lived' in so I'm only feeling even more eager to the end of these exams and seeing what the Summer brings (clearly I'm living on the edge here, folks). 

And moving on, It's getting closer to the Easter break and I'm spending a few days at Manchester to see family which should be good. I still have a tonne of revision which still needs to be conquered but I will mightily face it head on so wish me luck! It's all been taking one step at a time so I can't wait to reach the finish line, words couldn't describe how relieved I would be!   

Dress - Dorothy Perkins / Cardigan - TK Maxx / Boots - Internationale / Necklace -BHS

Little Moments

Monday, 31 March 2014

March has most certainily been a swift month in that I've had several trips out of my town, nibbling away every now, the Law Ball and then trying to get revision done. While I somewhat lack in pictures (still don't understand how I managed that!), I've actually taken a fair amount of outfit pictures which will be up in no time! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

Spring Once Again

Friday, 21 March 2014

Life right now has had its twists and turns but nonetheless I'm glad to be back after battling through various pieces of work at university and frantically falling flat on my face multitasking. It's definitely that time of the year where so much needs to be done but there's so little time and motivation - but it's getting there! And now moving on, with yesterday being the first official day of Spring, a floral ensemble jusut seemed fitting - sadly, the weather wasn't,
I've still got a fair amount of posts that I can't wait to share with you guys too - hope you're having a lovely Thursday!
Dress - Boohoo / Boots - Charity Shop / Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge