All the Little Things

Monday, 1 September 2014

 Having always lived in a remotely small area, I've always sought to 'explore' and broaden my horizons through whatever means possible, many of which included going to London frequently! I've constantly found myself thinking that a 'na├»ve' mind set can only expand once it ventures beyond its comfort zone, and I can wholeheartedly agree that there has been so much I've learnt over the past year. Being caught up in all of these thoughts, whilst made me feel that I was 'missing out' on so much of life, however led to actually missing out on the little details that were so easily taken for granted.

In all of these many experiences, I've found that the greatest catalysts of perceiving life in a different light are the people you come across. Quite recently, I've encountered au overwhelming degree of 'niceness', particularly among those I'm not relatively close to, only to realise that there is so much more out there that I've yet to grasp. 

Despite that life over the past year has been difficult, thiings have taken a better turn recently and I've found myself surrounded with more people who are amazing in their individual ways. With some people, it seemed like such positive personalities only encouraged you to think likewise. With others, you're surprised by just how much interest they show only to inspire you to keep going. I've also met people who have helped me out a great deal unexpectedly for which makes me think twice about the people I see. Whether it be their friendly and supportive nature or their generosity, for some reason I couldn't quite fathom just how wonderful they all are, despite that they were all people I've only ever met a handful (or even less) of times!

I couldn't honestly give you a reason why I'm so in awe of all this. It's not as though I'm totally unaccustomed to such behaviour, given that I've grown up with so many kind people who've helped me reach where I am today. But more so, it's peculiar that there exists people who do such things without any sort of obligation to do so. Their actions and their words have merely been enough to remind me that even if things get rough, there are reasons why we should all keep persevering. They may not be people who you meet everyday but their mere presence is a reminder that one day, you'll find people who make you feel endlessly positive and good without reason. I'm a true believer that anything is possible with hard work and determination, and being with such people only makes it seem all the more possible!  

Newark Blogger Meet

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The majority of past three years of blogging has been spent with my blogging partner in crime, Francesca, given we figured we were more or less the only bloggers who existed in our city (to our knowledge) at the time! Never did I imagine that by connecting with bloggers via twitter, I'd get to meet even more bloggers and on top of that, I never imagined them to be so incredibly wonderful!  
Hosted by the lovely Frankie of Crazy Blonde Gal, this meet up was held only a small train journey away where we'd be making pizza at Pizza Express! My last memories of making pizza date all the way back to a school trip when I was 10 so I was pretty ecstatic that I'd be putting my skills to use once again, all of which we scoffed down afterwards - let's pay no attention that I added far too much olive oil and needed help at every stage. That aside, we spent a little time at Boots and Superdrug and although I may still be a massive newbie to the world of make-up, I've actually been wanting to try out some new things since!
Getting to know these lovely bloggers (picture courtesy of Siobhan, left to right: Laura, Frankie, Siobhan, Jemma, Karishma, Amber) definitely had to be one of the greatest peaks of this meet up. It's not everyday you come across people who casually review beauty products on the spot or accept taking pictures of anything that looks remotely interesting. Likewise, Frankie had also put together such a generous goodie bag for all of us and I seriously cannot believe all the time and effort she put in doing so, whilst managing this meet up too! Here's hoping we all meet again!
Dress (old) - Dorothy Perkins / Scarf - old / Bag - HT Fashion London / Boots - USC

Simple Plaited Headband

Sunday, 24 August 2014

With the spontaneous visit to see Francesca who has big love for all things crafty and my recent Gossip Girl phase, the thought of putting together a little DIY headband was a little something I wanted to try again after so long! When it comes to such things, Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration and whilst brewin' with so many creative ideas, I wanted to stick to something small and something I'd actually be happy to wear which, believe me, is rare!   
What you'll need:
1. Three different kinds of string, thread, ribbon of your preference, roughly 50cm each
2. Sellotape of any kind
3. Sturdy scissors
4. A glue gun
5. Black thin elastic, roughly 20cm
Step One: When choosing materials to create a plait, I faced endless options and ended up really loving the combination of these three pieces. I put these side by side and placed sellotape to hold them in place. 
Step Two: I temporarily used a bit of tape to attach it against the wall (or something that would make these strings 'dangle' vertically) which made it easier to plait. It's a little tricky to say exactly how much you'll need to plait (I personally measured it till about 37cm) but make sure it's long enough so that it goes 'behind' both ears. Then secure it with a little tape at the end - you'll have excess string but this will be dealt with in the next couple of steps.
Step Three: This part I found gets a little messy but doesn't matter in the slightest! At one end of the plait, secure the plait in place and remove the sellotape you put on at the start. Use the glue gun on the area of which the sellotape was originally in tact with and let it cool down. You can now cut off any excess string, thread or ribbon - do this for both sides. Should it still feel a little 'messy', don't fret as you continue onto the remaining steps. .   
Step Four: Deciding how much elastic you'll need is something you will have to measure yourself, in order to figure out the right level of 'tightness' for you. I personally used 14cm worth of elastic of which includes the length of the overlapping on top of the plaited piece, as you can see above. Using the glue gun again, attach the elastic to the plait piece. With any 'stray' pieces of string, I rolled it up and stuck it down with the glue as you can see, again, in the image - repeat this for the side.   
Step Five: You'll have remaining ribbon - or you could use any other material which compliments your headband - which is to be used to cover the attachment of the elastic and the plaited piece. Use a little dab of the glue at the 'start' of where you'll be wrapping around the ribbon.
Step Six: Wrap it around till it fully covers the attachment of the elastic and the plaited piece. And finally, glue it down with a little more glue at the 'finish' point. Repeat Step Five and Six for the other side of the plait.
And voila, a little simple DIY in six simple steps! Surprisingly this DIY is a lot sturdier than I expected with the help of my friend's glue gun - alternatively if you don't have one, you could instead sew it down into place which would give you the same results!
Putting together a DIY is a rare occurrence for myself but I've enjoyed putting it together and hope you've equally enjoyed reading it too!

South Kensington

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I'm slowly working my way across London and likewise to Notting Hill, South Kensington has simply just the prettiest houses I've ever seen! Given I've grown up in a small area, I'm still dazed from these beautiful streets and of course, they make the greatest backdrop. It may appear my growing fondness for London and all of its whimsical features is becoming a tad obsessive but I have no idea just how I manage to not take pictures of it all! Come September when I hopefully become a proud SLR owner, I shall return to these streets and ecstatically 'snap' away.
And for such a trip, I couldn't resist wearing my first co-ordinate from Choies.com! Admittedly I did have second thoughts over it as the skirt was a lot more flouncy than expected - which wasn't really an issue - but I couldn't resist updating my little pastel collection, that too with a little 3D touch! I'm not one to jump straightaway to 'trends' as it takes a little convincing to try something out of my comfort zone but I don't ever think I could ever get tired of this!
Co-ordinate - Choies / Shoes - Call it Spring / Hat - Boohoo / Necklace - Dorothy Perkins